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42 Why is sexual reproduction important? animals to conserve resources and reproduce only during optimal conditions B) The resulting diverse phenotypes may enhance survival of a population in a changing environment C) It can result in numerous offspring in a short amount of time. D) It enables isolated animals to colonize a habitat rapidly. E) Both A and D are important. 43. Humans and apes are presently classified in the same category as ll of the following levels except A. Class. B. Genus C. Kingdom. D. Order. E. Phylum. The arthropods, especially insects affect human life by which of the following? A. Pollination. 44. B. C. D. E. Competition for food of every kind. Crop damage before and after harvest. Production and spreading of many plant and human diseases. All of the above. 45. Malpighian tubules are excretory organs found in A. Earthworms. B. Flatworms. C. Insects. D. Jellyfish. E. Vertebrates. What is characteristic of all ecdysozoans? A. The deuterostome condition. 46, B. A pseudocoelom. C. Some kind of exoskeleton, or hard outer covering. D. Agile, speedy and powerful locomotion. E. The diploblastic condition.
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