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5. The discharge end of the 2.5 kmlong distribution pipe is 15 m below the liquid surface of the reservoir to which it is attached. The pipe is 600 mmø and has a friction factor of 0.02 Compute the discharge of the pipe considering 10% minor losses in addition to major losses. 6. Two iron pipes that are connected in series discharge a total of 0.34 m/ s of water. The first pipe is 2,500 m long and 400 mm w2hile the second pipe is 2,000 m long. If both pipes have a friction factor of 0.020, compute the diameter of the second pipe when the headloss is 100 m. Neglect minor losses. 7. A pipeline that is 800 mmØ and 500 m long is connected to the reservoir. If the total fall in energy head from the resrervoir to the end of the pipe is 15 m, compute the rate of flow, assuming the friction factor fe 0.02 Note: Neglect energy available at the end of the pipe
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