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chamber that houses the ovule and is the protective Later matures to become the fruit. A. Petal B. Ovary C Carpel D. Stigna 31. The E. Sepals. 32. What adaptation enhances birds flying ablity? A. hollow bones B sternum. C air sacs D. homeothermy E. all of the above. 33. What plant characteristics are adaptations to land? A. internal fertilizations B, vascular tissues. C. seeds with waterproof coats. D. waxy leaves. E. all of the above. 34. Which of which is characteristic of alternation of generation in land plants? A haploid sporophytes make haploid spores. 8. gametophytes produce spores that develop into gametes C. sporophytes and gametophytes are typically similar in appearance. D. melosis in sporophytes produces haploid spores. E. either the gametophyte or the sporophyte is unicellular The haploid stage in a plant life in a plant life cycle is called A. embryo B. zygote C. gametophyte 35. D. sporophyte E. conspicuous 36. Animals in which the blastopore becomes the mouth are called A. deuterostomes B. protostomes. C. stomates D. echinostomes. E. prestomes.
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