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incredible of the following characteristic is probably most responsible for the 36. Which of insects on land? diversification A. segmentation. B. antennae C tracheal system. D. bilateral symmetry E Flight. Deuterostomes are characterized by A. spiral cleavage. B. bilateral cleavage. 37. C. D. determinate cleavage. radial cleavage. E. radial symmetry 38. A characteristic of hominids is A. a large brain. B. bipedalism. C. nighttime activity. D. monogamy. E. Both A and B 39. The electrical changes that occur in the heart during contraction are recordings termed A. EEGs B. EGGS C. EKGs D. EMGs E MIGs 40. Why is it very advantageous to have blood move slowly in the capillaries? A. It will not cause damage to the valves. B. It maintains the high pressure in the capillaries. C. It provides time for substances to be exchanged between blood and tissue. D. It creates a greater osmotic pressure for cells. E. All of the above. What adaptation enhances birds flying ability? A. Sternum. B. hollow bones C homeothermy. D. air sacs. E All of the above.
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