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Question: please help answer parts a b c d i tried...

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Please help answer parts a, b, c, d. I tried all parts and think a and b might be right but c and d are wrong. Ignore my work. Thank you and I will rate well.
3. Atwo dimensional-elastic collision shows an elastic collision of two pucks on a frictionless air table. Puck A has mass 0.500 and puck B has mass ma 0.300 kg. Puck A has an initial velocity of 4.00 m/s in the positive x- direction and a final velocity of 2.00 m/s in an unknown direction. Puck B is initially at rest. Angle a and p measured from the *x axis and the collision happens at the origin. Si Before VA VB2 a) Compute the x ad y components of both pucks initial momentum. b) Compute the x and y components of both pucks final momentum. cos
c) If the angle P 26.6° in the figure, find the final speedveand angle a. COS ) Which puck received the lrger impact force e sino 3 sh(on coso Cos 266
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