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Question: please help code this in c and follow format the...

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please help code this in c++ and follow format, the assignment starts below the dashed line


  • Test each step as you go by entering at least three pairs of values. More values would be better.


  • Write a program that consists of a while-loop that reads in one double each time around
  • Each time through the loop write out the value entered
  • Define two variables to keep track of which is the smallest and which is the largest value you have seen so far
  • If it’s the smallest or tied for the smallest so far, write The smallest so far after the number.
  • If it is the largest or tied for the largest so far, write The largest so far after the number.
  • Exit the program when a terminating '|' is entered.


  • Add a unit to each double entered; that is, enter values such as 10cm, 2.5in, 5ft, or 3.33m.
  • Accept the four units: cm, m, in, ft. Assume conversion factors 1m == 100cm, 1in == 2.54cm, 1ft == 12in.
  • Read the unit indicator into a string. You may consider 12 m (with a space between the number and the unit) equivalent to 12m (without a space). Keep in mind that cin will read them the same way.
  • After converting, each time through the loop write out the value entered in meters


  • Reject values without units or with “illegal” representations of units, such as y, yard, meter, km, and gallons.
  • In this case, output ```Invalid unit\n" and exit the program


  • Keep track of the sum of values entered (as well as the smallest and the largest) and the number of values entered.
  • When the loop ends, print
    • the smallest
    • the largest
    • the number of values
    • the sum of values.
    • Note that to keep the sum, you have to decide on a unit to use for that sum; use meters.


  • Keep all the values entered (converted into meters) in a vector. At the end, write out those values.


  • Before writing out the values from the vector, sort them (that will make them come out in increasing order).

Sample execution:

The smallest so far
The largest so far
The smallest so far
Smallest: 0.015, largest: 1.5, total: 2.0103
Values: 0.015 0.0381 0.4572 1.5 
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