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Question: please help coding c on visual studios on a mac...

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please help! Coding C++ on visual studios on a mac
CaptionHeading 1Heading2Heading 3Heading 4 Heading 5 Heading CIS 150-Lab 02 Submission of Your Work You need to prepare and submit ONE SINGLE MS Word document that contains only Your NAME For each question: o Specify the question number. o After reading the question requirements, but before beginning any coding, create the test case table, below, through column Expected Output. Write your program then complete the test table with actual output results and include in your report. o Copy/Paste your completed source code. You must always include standard header in your programs even if code is provided. Include your completed test plan after source code Paste in a guppd of output showing results for every listed test case, labeled with test case # o Test Tabls | Input Value Tes Valid / Description of test Expected Output Actual Output t Invalid Data Pass / Fail o Add delete rows as necessary o Modify column widths as necessary o Test both valid and invalid input o Test for every output expected o If failure is an expected output and it happens then that test Passes o Any test that fails means the program must be fixed so that it passes the test o A lest that is expected to cause an erroe and does Passes
3Heading 4 Heading 5He return 0 Question 2 The following program outline prompts the user for two integers and displays the results of the two integers multiplied together. Replace the comments with code to perform that task Compile your project and fix any errors found during the compilation and testing processes put here header commsents that give information about the program W put here the coempiler directive for the library necessary for neading and writing using namespace std int main) declare three variables of type int t display a message asking the uier to enter a fast integer lf get a value troes the user u display a messag l gen a value from the user user to enter a second integsr multiply the two input valuor and assign to 3l variable as result message The resalt of muhiplying your two integers together ic and display the answer on the same line odd another verin ofthe above dapay meliag·that lso find play.the teo nun bing multplidors
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