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1. links, numbered o through 3, and follows: Consider a datagram network using 32-bit host addresses. Suppose a router has four packets are to be forwarded to the link interfaces as Destination Address Range Link Interface 11100000 oooo0000 0000000o 00000000 0 through 1 1100ooo 1oo0000 o00000o0 00000000 through 1 1 1000oo 01000001 oo00000o 00000000 2 through otherwise Figure 2 A packet forwarding requirement a. Provide a forwarding table, uses longest prefix matching that is consistent to the Figure 2 requirement to forwards packets to the correct link interfaces. b. Describe how your forwarding table determines the appropriate link interface for datagrams with destination addresses: 11001000 10010001 01010001 01010101 11100001 01000000 11000011 00111100 11100001 10000000 00010001 01110111

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