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  3. please help heres the reference to example 1...

Question: please help heres the reference to example 1...

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Question 11 (15 points): Starting with the heat generated by the person in Example 1, calculate the body temperature that would result if none of this heat were lost to the surroundings. Assume Cp is 4200 J(kg C) and the mass of the person is 73 kg (-160 lbs). The initial temperature of the person is 37 C. nus Points Quos Please help

Here’s the reference to example 1.

The Relationship ef Temperature Change to Heat Traasport Lets formalize the relationshp of temperature to T ·ses the energy chany of the object that is heating or cooleg (n M: is the object mass (kg) Op a mass specific heat (JKkg C) of the material of which the object is composed: and . ΔΤ> the temperature change of the object ( V- volume (m . ps water density (98/ Example : Thermal h Homeostesis is the maintenance of a constant internal environment in an orgenism Thermal homeostasis is the maintenance of a constant internal tempereture [which is just another way of soying steady shate (dT/dtyeal 0) For humans te remoin healthy, we have to maintain a relatively constont core temperature Lets say that a person consumes-2000 food calories (2000 kcal) per day Human digestoon is dout 20% efficient (of the energy released by seven g the chemical bhds of food mlecules, 20% is used to drve metabolic processes) . That meats that 80% of The food energy is released as TKE . It the persons body temperature is going to renon constant, then all of this ТКЕ must be tranperedest of the body. How important is this TKE release? You con get a good idea by colculating how much the persons body Tempereture would change if the metobolic heat was net lost. Exomple 1 cont d Find the temperature change that would occur if the metabolic heat produced duning the day wos not lost to the emironment. . Assume that the person is 160 bs . The specific heat of a human is 4200 J/k 2000 kcal-8.3710J 160b: 72.7 kg . In this problem * aQ : 80%·8.37x106 J (due to 20% efficiency of the huron body) . m and Cp are given In the absence of our mechanisms for discording waste heat, we would become VER Laying out the Math in VERY quickly HD 1080
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