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  3. please help i am very confused on the images attached...

Question: please help i am very confused on the images attached...

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Please help! I am very confused on the images attached! Please try to explain and show work! Thank you!

1023 An explore how phylogenetic trees are constructed. evolutionary tree, called a phylogenetic tree, is shown below for chordates. You will use this tree to Step 1: The six words to the right should be written vertically onto the six bars seen on the right of the image (T hey are currently mixed up in order). The tallest bar means that all the animals listed share that stic. Shorter bars represent fewer animals that have that characteristic. Tunicates Ancestral chordate Lancelets Hagfishes Lampreys Sharks, rays Ray-finned fishes Lobe-fins Amphibians Reptiles Mammals e 2012 Peron Educat-on, Inc Step 2: Each branch point represents the common ancestor of all species that descended from it. The blue boxes represent characteristics, or homologies, shared by all descendants of this common ancestor. Fill in these blue boxes now with the list of nine words below: jaws; head; lobed fins; brain; legs; vertebral column; milk; amniotic egg; lungs or lung derivatives;

ad this passage and write yes or no in each box for whether each group has the s are hair and ls and Step 3: Re characteristic or not. A common ancestor led to the mammalian lineage. Two features of all mammal mammary glands. The most primitive group, the monotremes, are the egg-laying two groups of mammals, are born rather than hatched. These two groups, the marsupia eutherians both possess a placenta, which provides nutrients to the embryo from the mothers blood rise ndeveloment in the uterus. Eutherians diverged as a distinct lineage from marsupials to give rise to the majority of mammals on earth today. They have long gestation periods inside the uterus. mammals. The other Trait Hair? Mammary Glands? Monotreme Marsupial Eutherian Placenta? Long gestation? Step 4: Construct a phylogenetic tree for the three groups of mammals. Dont forget to add shared characteristics to your tree.

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