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Question: please help i am very lost...

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Essay-1 (15 points): Genghis, a ruthless fellow, married Bōrte. However, instead of their son Kublai (kind like his mother), it was Lil-miss- Gengis (LmG) who shared her fathers and grandmothers (murderous) traits. These traits are linked to polymorphisms in the gene Mayhem. Hint (Use PCR+Sequencing data to identify the RFLP and the basis of the disease). 1) Identify the location & mutation in the Mayhem gene in Genghis. 2) For LmG, predict RFLPs on Southern Blots and effects on mRNA+Protein 3) Upon his divorce, Genghis approached your company Molecular-Matchmakers (M&M-LLC) looking for a new spouse. One of your (recently divorced) clients, Ms. A-J, seemed interested in Genghis. Based on her Molecular Profile (Southern, Northern, Western Blots), what is the likelihood of their sons exhibiting the Ruthless/murderous trait. 4) How can Akhtar share her mums genotype, but not the trait? Why is this also seen with Borte & her mum? 5) What can you infer about the location & nature of the mutation in the X2 allele (Borte & her mum). 6) Design a PCR+RFPL based diagnostic for the X4 allele in Ms. A-J (cannot be based on DNA-sequencing). 7) Minor: How would you study the mouse homologue, wee-Beastie (be brief) Xho1 EcoR1 (8Kb) (10 Kb) EcOR1 Sma1 Pst1 ono) o) 4kb)Mayhem) oRD Exon-1 PCR-Primers binding P1P3- sites & direction (5->3) P2 P8-P7- P6 Ms. A-J Borte Temüge Temulen Akhtar Genghis Behter ORuthless Names & associations are fictional Lil-miss-Genghis Southern:E-EcoRI, Ms. A-J PsPsti, S-smal, Temulen XEXho1 Borte Genghis L-m-G 9 6 3 2 Ms. AJ Temulen Borte Genghis L-m-G -100% Mayhem Northern GAPDH -50% -50% S1% Western -50%-100%-50%-- 196 PCR & Sequencing P2+P3 CATGAACAAGTG C GAACA

Please help, I am very lost.

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