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Question: please help i have a prof that teaches by definitions...

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Please Help!!! I have a prof that teaches by definitions and theorems and no examples. Please help me with Parts 1-5 for the non-linear system at the bottom of the photo...extra detail will help me greatly...I have 4 other systems that I have to do this for. I really need help with parts 3-5.
Problem 9: Consider the following non-linear systems represented by the generic form: 1X2 = (x1, x2) For each of the systems represented by state equations as reported below in (a)-(e): 1. Find all equilibrium points of the non-linear system 2. Linearize the system around each equilibrium point 3. Compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the linear approximation and sketch manually the qualitative behavior of the phase trajectories near the equilibrium point. 4. Sketch manually the global behavior of the system in the phase plane 5. Does the linearized system accurately describe the local behavior of the system near the equilibrium points? Provide a MATLAB plot of the phase trajectories/velocity field (Select the plotting interval to appropriately capture the full behavior of the system) 6. = sin(x1) cos(x2
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