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Question: please help i promise ill rate your answer...

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Please help! I promise I'll rate your answer!

Problem 3 An engineer has two choices for the floor framing of a structure: Option 1 and Option 2, as shown below. The load on the slab is 100lb/ft2. Assume that all members are simply supported, and neglect self-weight. Option 1: Option 2: SLAB SLAB 10 ft 10 ft 22 ft 22 ft a) Using the one-way and two-way slab rules as discussed in class, sketch the shape of the beams tributary areas (including dimensions) on the plan views below Option 1: Option 2: Plan View (to scale) Plan View (to scale) 10 ft 10ft 22 ft 22 ft b) Draw free body diagrams of Beam A for both options. The free body diagram should include: magnitude of the load and reactions, dimensions, and units

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