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  3. please help im being stopped by moving on with these...

Question: please help im being stopped by moving on with these...

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20 Construct a Frequency Table Given a Data List 03 For the data given in the table below, construct a frequency distribution having 5 classes. What is the frequency of the 5th class? Height of eruption (in.) 127 96 110 150 140 110 100 130 110 126 135 116 118 129 128 120 135 130 102 141 Answer KSource 9 Styles Format

0 Misuses 03 The graph to the bekow shows the br Ihis grapth mignt be deceplive aking astances tor offerent cars measares undes te same cnvanors Descobe he win in wticn Braking distaæce deet) The units n the graph are not consisent throughoun There are erors in the graph 3 The graph compares more thin wo values 4By starting the honzontal axs at 100 the gaph cuts offportons of the bas O Type here to search

Calculate the Percentile 04 For the Data Set given below, calculate the 20th percentile. (Answer with an integer or decimal.) 24 45 52 78 90 120 34 67 111 10 Answer 는 ,, Styles Format- つ Submit QuIZ for Gtadingidoe Quzest HOUT Supmit

please help I'm being stopped by moving on with these three. PLEASE HELP. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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