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Question: please help its from the writing that works book by...

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Please help, it’s from the Writing that Works book by Walter.

employee 5. Your companys human-resources manager has asked you to create an manual that details how to use the following office machines: the fax, the digital ph tocopier, and the phone and electronic filing systems. Brainstorm about the a of detail (the scope) that you would have to provide in this manual for the follo groups of employees: interns with no office work experience; administrative assistants with one to two years of office experience; and senior-management personnel who have more than ten years of office experience but who have relied on staff to complet copying and file retrieval tasks. Write a brief e-mail to the human-resources manage suggesting the number of manuals needed and for whom. Briefly discuss the vario options for publishing these manuals, including the advantages and disadvantages each. Who might benefit fro digital manual posted to the companys intranet? Support your claims. m a printed manual? What might be the advantages o
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