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Question: please help its urgent with details thank i...

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Please help it’s urgent ! with details
Thank I
Form A Algebra 2-unit a Test Modules 5, 6, Polynomial Funotions and Equations Nane Period_ Date 1. Write this polynomial in standard form. Then classify it by degree and number of terms. a. Standard form: b. Classily by degree: C. Classify by terms: 2+3 2. Given the graph, determine whether (a) the degree is even or odd and (b) the leading coefficient is positive or negative Cx) a. Degree b. Leading coefficient: 3. Identify the zeros, their multiplicity, and their effect on the graph of the function. )3-2) (+9) Zero Multiplicity Effect 4. A polynomial function has a zero at 4 (multiplicity 3) and 0 (multiplicity 1). Write a function in standard form that could represent this function. Show your work and write your final answer inside the box below.
and tihe 49a +2 BONUS QUESTION (10 points)
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