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Question: please help me calculate the following financial ratios current ratio...

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Please help me calculate the following financial ratios:

Current Ratio

Quick Ratio

Inventory Turnover

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Fixed Assets Turnover

Total Assets Turnover

Debt Ratio

Liabilities-to-assets Ratio

Times-Interest-earned Ratio

EBITDA Coverage Ratios

Profit Margin

Basic Earning Power

Return on Assets (ROA)

Return on Equity (ROE)

Earnings Per Share

Net Cash Flow

Cash Flow Per Share

Price/Earnings Ratio

Price/Cash Flow Ratio

Book Value Per Share

Market/book Ratio

Profit Margin

Total Assets Turnover

Equity Multiplier

Dupont Equation

STARBUCKS CORPORATION CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS mlizos, cptpar shaare data Odl 2017 Oct 2 2016 ASSETS Prepaid expenses and other cuurent assets Property, plant and equipment, net LIABILITIES AND EQUITY 782.5 $ Curent portion of long-term debt Common stock (50.001 par value)-authorized, 2,400.0 shares; issued and outstanding, 1,431.6 and 1,460.5 shares, respectively See Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements

STAKBUCKS COKPORAIION CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF CASH FLOWS rixal Year Ended OPERATING ACTIVITIES: Net earnings including noncoatrolling interests Adjustments to reconcile net earnings to net cash provided by operating activities: 2884.9 2,818.9 S 2,7593 1,067.1 1,030.1 933.8 Deferred income taxes, net Income eamed from equity method investees Distnbutions received from equity method investees Gain resulting from acquisition sale of equity in joint ventures and certain retail operations 21.2 148.2 61 694.3 186.6 Stock-based compensation 176.0 218.1 075 125 320 (132.4) 68.9 251 53 Cash provided by changes in operating assets and liabilities: (82.8) 137.7 Stored value card liability Other operating assets and liabilities 170.3 41743 4575.13,749.1 (674.4) 585.7(567.4) 18.8 15194) (1,4403) (1303.7 130.8 180.4 INVESTING ACTIVITIES: Sales of investments Maturities and calls of investments Acquisitions, net of cash acquired Additions to property, plant and eqipment Net proceeds from sale of equity in joint ventures and certain retail operations Other Net cash used by investing activities FINANCNG ACTIVITIES: Proceeds from issumce of long-term debt Repayments of long-term debt Cash used for purchase of non-controlling interest 1,054.5 149.6 8.9 EX 750.2 1,254.5 (610.1) 191.8 132.4 14504) 1,178.0) (928.6 (2,042.5 (1,995.6 (1,436.1) 150.8 160.7 122.8 Excess tax benefit on share-based awards Cash dividends paid Mfinimmum tax withholdings on share-based awards (32.8) (106.0) Other Net cash used by financing activities Effect of exchange rate changes on cash and cash equivalents Net increase(decrease) in cash aud cash equivalents CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS Beginning of period End of period SUPPLEMENTAL DISCLOSURE OF CASH FLOW INFORMATION: Cash paid curing the period for. Interest, net of capitalized interest Income taxes, net of refiunds ,001.6 750.0 (2,256.5 10.8 333.5 178 96.6 4.769.5 1389.1 878. 1,0722 See Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements

Item 8. Financial Statemeruts and Supplemertary Data CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OFEARNINGS m militons, xcptper share dama 15.9 Operating income Gain resulting from acquisition ofjoint venture Loss on extinguishment of debt 4,3175 4,198.6 Net eamings including noncontrolling interests Net eanings atibutable to Starbucks 2.884.7 S 2817.7 S 2,757.4 hare -basic 197 S 1.90 S See Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements

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