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Question: please help me confirm and answer these questions...

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MKT 3010- MARKETING RESEARCH Chapter 1 Assignment Answer the following five questions by listing the number of each item and the letter corresponding to your answers in an email message and submitting it to your professor before the beginning of the class this chapter will be discussed. . A marketing research firm is discussing the possibility of a major project for a real estate company. The research firm has already conducted extensive exploratory research for the project and has been compensated. For the subsequent survey, the top managers in cannot agree marketing research firm do? a. decline the project b. conduct more exploratory research c. tell the top managers what the research objectives should be and do the project d. agree to do the subsequent project for a lower cost e. none of these the real estate firm on exactly what the specific research objectives should be. What should the 2. The Internet has impacted which aspects of marketing research? a. data collection b. communication between client and rescarch supplier c. distribution of reports d. retrieval of secondary sources of information, such as the US Census e. all of these 3. Which answer best describes a market researcher? a. one who is academically trained for market research b. one who understands the marketing process as well as the subtleties of marketing problems and opportunities one who is well trained in statistics and can design proper sampling procedures one who has a strong background in communications and advertising c. d. 4. Recently, an article about changing consumer predispositions toward low involvement purchases appeared in the Journal of Marketing. Chances are this article would be classified as applied research. a. True b. False Two of the more important determinants of the potential benefits from a marketing research study are profit margins and market size. a. True b. False 5. Please help me confirm and answer these questions

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