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please help me find the answer for b.
Previous Problem Problem List Next Problem (1 point) The graph of a function f is shown below. If you would like to enlarge the graph or make numbers and letters easier to read, you may click on it to open it in a new wind usually ctrl shift + (and zooming out is ctrl-)、On an Apple computer this is usually apple shift + (and zooming out is apple-) may then enlarge that window with your mouse. To further enlarge the image, use your browsers zoom capabilities. On a PC -2 Use the given graph of f. If there is more than one answer to a question, you can use commas and the word or. When solvin equation for the variable x, your answer should be in the form- a. Evaluate f(-3). f(-3)o b. Solve f(x)-3 Ei Note: You can ean partial credit on this probiem Preview My Answers Submit Answers You have attempted this problem 10 times Your overall recorded score is 50%. You have unlimited atternpts remaining
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