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Please help me. I have tried these 3 on my own, but I am still not understanding

1) Two countries produce two goods and they each have 4 million hours of labor. Consider the table that shows the quantity produced per labor hour:

shirts corn
Alpha 4 12
Beta 2 10

If each country allocates 2 million hours of labor to each good then in total the two countries can together produce __ million shirts and ___ million brushels of corn.

2) Suppose that in a week an American worker can produce 60 shirts or 3 computers and a Chinese worker can produce 60 shirts or 1 computers. The country that specializes in computers will trade 1 computer in exchange for at least __ shirts. The country that buys the computer will pay not more than __ shirts. Enter whole numbers.

Consider the production possibilities frontier for a country that produces cars and wheat: 20 18 16 14 O 12 10 6 0 50100 50 200 250 300 350 400 Wheat (millions of bushels) In the absence of trade, if this country chooses to produce 6 million cars then they will also be able to produce wheat. Enter a whole number. Suppose the country specializes in wheat production and trades 100 million bushels of wheat in exchange for 8 million cars. They will be able to consume million bushels of million bushels of wheat. Enter a whole number.

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