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  3. please help me on all the questions really need...

Question: please help me on all the questions really need...

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Please help me on all the questions !!!!!!!! Really need help! Will give a thumb up for helping.

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Chapter 12 - Lists

  1. The ADT list only works for entries that are strings.

  2. The ADT list is more general than common lists and has entries that are objects of the same


  3. Adding entries to the end of a list does not change the positions of entries already in the list.

  4. The first entry is a list is at position 0.

  5. The entries of a list are numbered from 0 to n.

  6. When a programmer implements an ADT list, clients can use the ADT’s operations in a program

    without knowing how the programmer implemented the list to be able to use it.

  7. The Java Class Library contains an implementation of the ADT list that uses a resizable array

    instead of a linked chain.

  8. The Java Class Library implementation of the interface list return null when an index is out of


  9. A list is an object whose data consists of unordered entries.

  10. Each entry is a list ADT is uniquely identified by its position within the list.

  11. You may replace an entry at any given position in a list.

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