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Question: please help me to calculate phase shift and the 2...

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TASK 3: MEASUREMENTS CARRIED OUT ON A RC-NETWORK Construct the simple resistor-capacitor (RC) network shown bełow in Figure 4 using your board, and set the function generator to a 2 Volt peak-to-peak sinewave. CH1 CH2 CH1, CH2:GND Fig. 4 Values: R 1kQ, C-0,1uF Use the two channels of the osciloscope to display the input voltage waveform (CH1) and the output voltage waveform (CH2) simultaneously. Figure out a way to find the delay (lag, phase-shift) of the output compared to the input. Take a set of measurements to fill out the table below (next page). Some helpful notes: UR $2 Xc U,f U-UR-jUc p phaseshift between Uc and U p2 phaseshift between UR and U

Vour Amplitude Time Delay (peak-to-peak) (output vs. input) (in degrees) (output Phase Shift Input Frequency Vin Amplitude (set 2Vpp) vs.input 100 Hz I v 1kHz 2kHz 5kHz 10k㎐ 20kHz 50kHz 123V46 dirlis i V 100kHz Elaboration 1. Show how you calculated the phase shift in the 100 Hz case. 2. This circuit is called a lowpass fiter. Based on your measurements, explain in words why you think the term lowpass makes sense.

please help me to calculate phase shift and the 2 nd question saying lowpass filter

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