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Question: please help me with questions 1 and 2...

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Please help me with questions 1 and 2

For practice: For the above vector containing the LDH gene, suppose you had to design primers Draw the gene as double stranded, split it open (denaturation) and draw how the 5 to 3 forward primer will anneal to the complementary template. Then do the same for the reverse primer. Hint: all primers are written 5 to 3 so for the reverse primer, you will need to reverse it and then determine the complementary strand. Did you draw it correctly? Talk it through with others. LDH Forward Primer, 10 μM 5-GGG GCA TAT GTC CAC CAA GGA GAA GC-3 LDH Reverse Primer,10 uM 5-GGG GGG ATC CGC CCT TCA GGG CGG AC-3 .Do these primers follow all the primer design rules? 2-What would we expect if we used these primers instead? New LDH primers: Forward: Reverse: 5-GCGACATATGTCCACCAAGGAGAAGCTC-3 5-CTGTGGATCCTCACAGGGTGAGCTCCTTC-3 B.What would we change in the PCR temperature programming (if anything)? What are all the components you need to add for PCR?

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