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  3. please help me with these 2 questions thank you...

Question: please help me with these 2 questions thank you...

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Please help me with these 2 questions. thank you
Create a class called Student that represents a South Seattle College student. The class should have fields representing the students String name, and int ID. Read the next two problems before you write the solution to this problem. Add two constructors to the class: 1) a no parameter constructor that sets the following as default values - name: John Doe and studentID 12345678 2) a constructor that takes parameters for each field. Your class should not contain any other fields or methods at this point. You may call functions you write for the next problems.
Using your design and implementation of the above class add appropriate getter and setter methods to the class. (You do not have to retype the entire class, just type out the new methods requested.)
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