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Question: please help me with this program it needs to be...

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Circular history buffer: Your program should provide a function (or set of functions) to support a bash-like history capability. The program should repeatedly display a prompt and then accept a line of input that is stored in a circular buffer. The circular buffer should be able to hold 5 lines (this should be a constant you can change later). Have your function assign numbers, starting at 1, to each input line received and print the command number as part of the prompt (for example: 10> . Prior to storing an input line, your program should interpret special commands: ° Ix means repeat the (absolute) input line numbered x (but only if it is one of saved commands-there may be less than 5). In addition to storing a copy of the command, display the original input line or display an error message if the argument x is invalid. exit means terminate the program. .history means print the saved commands (again, there may be less than 5). parse n means tokenize input line number n. This input line shouldnt be stored in the buffer, but instead display each word (token) on a separate line.

PLEASE help me with this program it needs to be written in C

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