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Question: please help me with this project subject web and mobile...

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please help me with this project

subject: Web and Mobile Development

You are to create a page that has four images that are links to other schools in the New England area. Each image is to be controlled in size by a CSS responsive design. The page is to appear balanced by an appropriate, complimentary, background color. White is not an option as a background color. Look up how to make image links on W3Schools.

There is to be a small repeated background image that appears on the right side of the page but not at the edge of the page. There is to be a header banner in a header section (look up "header" tag on W3Schools).

The link images are to run vertically down the screen but they may not cover any part of the background image or the header banner.

All images are to be in good taste and should represent the site to which they connect. The image does not have to be an exact image of that school but it has to be related.

You can't use a fish image to represent a University.

Make sure that your submission includes all folders required in your site structure.

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