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  3. please help me with this question i would really appreciate...

Question: please help me with this question i would really appreciate...

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Please help me with this question. I would really appreciate it. Please explain briefly I am trying to prepare for a test.

Consider the following relational database to manage concert and ticket sales. The relations are artist, concert, venue, seat, ticket, and fan. The schemas for these relations (with primary key attributes bolded) are:

Artist-schema = (artistname, type, salary)
Concert-schema = (artistname, date, venuename, artistfees)
Venue-schema = (venuename, address, seating_capacity)
Seat-schema=(venuename, row, seatnumber)
Ticket-schema = (fanID, date, venuename, row, seatnumber)
Fan-schema = (fanID, name, address, creditcardno)
--> artistname is a unique name for the artist (because of trademark/copyright rules no two artists have the same name).
--> type is an attribute whose value is chosen from “music”, “comedy”, “juggling”, or “other”
--> artistfees is a real number greater than 0
--> fanID is a unique ID given to a customer
--> creditcardno is a 16 digit credit card number starting with a 4 or a 5

Qs) Draw a schema diagram for this database. Be sure to indicate all foreign keys implied by the attribute names and primary keys in the relation schemas.

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