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67.3 PROBLEM 1.3 1.4 A 28-ft-long ladder leaning against a wall makes an angle of 70 with the ground. Determine the vertical height to which the ladder will reach. 1.5 Two legs of a right triangle are 6 ft and 10 ft. Determine the length of the hypotenuse and the angle opposite the short side. 1.6 In the roof truss shown, determine the lengths of the top chords AB and BC and find the angles at A and C. 12-0 16-0 16-0 16- 0 PROBLEM 1.6 1.7 A level scaffold is to be supported at the center of a 12-ft ladder, as shown. Determine the required length x and the angle 6. 12 ladder Scaffold an PROBLEM 1.7 1.8 A wanderer hikes due east for 2 mi, then southeast for 3 mi, then due north for 6 mi, then southwest for 6 mi. She then notices a storm gathering. How far is she from her starting point? Freehand sketch the following triangles and solve completely (Find the unknown sides and/or angles.) (a) a 11 ft, b 13 ft, C 80 (b) b 78 ft, c 85 ft, A 72° (c) a= 7ft, 24 ft, c= 25 ft 1.9 1.10 One side of a triangular lot is 100 ft and the angle opposite this side is 55°. Another angle is 63°. Sketch the shape of the lot and determine how much fencing is needed to enclose it. e two

please help solve these problems

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