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Please Help!!!!! Solve this as soon as possible please.

I need to make a high pass filter according to the question below, with a gain of 1.586. The values given are ,C=0.2uF for both capacitors in the circuit, R=1k for both resistors. I chose Rs=5.86k and Rf=10k to get (0.586+1 = 1.586 gain). The resistors and capacitors are given a 5 percent tolerance, and I need to get a reasonable yield result. As of now, I keep getting 0 percent yield. Please help fix this problem.

The following shows the question and a sample solution:

B3: AC YIELD ANALYSIS FOR K = 1.586: Copy the circuit from (BI) to a new ADS schematic for K = 1.586 and introduce tolerances (at 5%) for all resistors and capacitors. Setup and run an AC Yield Analysis and observe the variation in voltage gains for a frequency range 1 Hz freq s 10 MHz; Use 100 random runs. Need to count the number of successes and failures. Refer to the example AC Yield simulations for the Active High-Pass filter. The ADS Max and Min might require slight adjustment to obtain a proper looking AC Yield plot. The goal is to achieve 100% success rate are you able to meet the goal? What is your yield (success rate)? (On your ADS output plot, place NumPass, NumFail, and Yield. This section is graded according to your understanding and simulations to produce an acceptable yield. Write a specification for your filter using the information supplied in the example AC Yield simulations for the Active High-Pass filter

Sallen-Key Active High-Pass Filter 100 runs freg 701.0 Hz m3 BỊVo)--51.395 mcTrial-95 0 596 components -1 m2 freq-80.48 Hz dB(Vo)--88.994 mcTrial-85 m3 freg 207.6kHz dB(Vo)-3.572 mcTrial-98 -1 1E1 1E2 1E3 1E4 1E5 1E6 1E7 freg, Hz NumFail NumPass Yield 24.000 76.000 76.000B. Sallen-Key Equal Component Active High-Pass Filter VCC 18Vdc 0.1uF C4 10uF 18Vdc C3 UA741VCC 0.1uF Rf Rs VCC Figure 3: Sallen-Key Equal Component Active High-Pass Filter

This is what I have so far:

AC Yield Analysis Simulation 20 Ti 1 freq-15.44kHz dB(Vout)F3.715 mcTrial*3 ADS rm 1 m2 03 -20 m 2 freq 610.5 Hz dB(Vout)-1.497 mcTrial 99 5 A -60 m3 freq-3.422 Hz dB(Vout)F-90.404 mcTrial-99 80m3 100 128 1E1 1E21E3E4E5E6 1E7 freq, Hz Num Fail Num Pass Yiceled 00.000 0.000 0.000

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