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Question: please help this is the 4th time i have submitted...

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Please help. This is the 4th time I have submitted this question as I have not been able to get the help I need.

Please type out the steps of the problem, so I can understand them clearly as I have a difficult time reading handwriting.

Please follow directions.

Thumbs up rating instantly for the correct answer.

Thank you!

Formalize the following argument by using the given predicates and then rewriting the argument as a numbered sequence of statements. Identify each statement as either a premise, or a conclusion that follows according to a rule of inference from previous statements. In that case, state the rule of inference and refer by number to the previous statements that the rule of inference used. Lions hunt antelopes. Ramses is a lion. Ramses does not hunt Sylvester. Therefore, Sylvester is not an antelope. Predicates: Hx,y)-x hunts y, L(x)-x is a lion and A(x)x is an antelope. The domain of discourse is all animals.

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