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Question: please help with any or all problems i cant seem...

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13.-3 points SerCP10 13.P031. МУ Notes Ask Your T A 1.84-kg object on a frictionless from its equilibrium position and then released horizontal track is attached to the end of a horizontal spring whose force constant is 5.00 N/m. The object is displaced 3.52 m to the right attached to initiating simple harmonic motion. (a) What is the force (magnitude and direction) acting on the object 3.50 s after it is released? magnitude direction Direction (b) How many times does the object oscillate in 3.50 s? (Do not round your answer to an integer.) Need Help? Pesth 14. -2 points SerCP10 13 P035 My Notes Ask Your Teack A simple pendulum has a length of 52.3 cm and makes 82.1 complete oscillations in 2.00 min. (a) Find the period of the pendulum. (b) Find the value of g at the location of the pendulum. m/s? Need Help? oMS
Please help with any or all problems I can’t seem to figure them out thanks
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