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Question: please help with any or all problems i cant seem...

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0/2 points | Previous Answers SerCP10 13.P.008. My Notes Ask Your Taache A block of mass m-2.00 kg is attached to a spring of force constant k-4.35 x 102 N/m that lies ona pulled to a position x, -6.00 cm to the right of equilibrium and released from rest. horizontal fritionless surface as shown in the figure below. The blockis (a) Find the the work required to stretch the spring. differs significantly from the correct answer. Rework your solution from the beginning and check each step carefully. J (b) Find the speed the block has as it passes through equilibrium. m/s Need Help? Submit Answer Save Progress Practice Another Version -12 polnts SerCP10 13P009 My Notes Ask Your A slingshot consists of a light leather cup containing a stone. The cup is pulled back against two parallel rubber bands. It takes a force of 15 N to stretch either one of these bands 1.0 cm. (o) What is the potential energy stored in the two bands together when a 48-g stone is placed in the cup and pulled back 0.14 m from the equilibrium position? (b) With what speed does the stone leave the slingshot?
Please help with any or all problems I can’t seem to figure them out thanks
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