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Question: please help with code to this questionoracle plsql...

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Please help with code to this question(oracle plsql)
The following code will concatenate two strings strl and str2 CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE as str1 VARCHAR2 (25)-bit str2 VARCHAR2 (25) := coin 30 HA result VARC BEGIN result :=str1 11 str2 t); user: The result is resul te:I SYSDATE SYS CONTEXTC USERENV, OS USER) END: SET SERVEROUTPUT ON EXECUTE ET SERVEROUTPUT ON: EXECUTE concatenate stxings Output x オ48昌!! Task completed in 0.008 seconds PROCEDURE CONCATENATE STRINGS ecapiled anonyaous block coapleted teault is bitcoin :06-JAN-18 user: speltave Modify this procedure to accept two string parameters. Example of the output for The result is cryRtoCurrency 26-Jan-18 EECcUTE concatenate strings(Crypto,Currency) Sarpt Output x 日 들 Task corpleted no.004 seconds FROCEDURE CONCATENATE STRINGS Coapiled result is C【yptoCurrency 06-JAM-18 user: speltave

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