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Question: please help with code to this questionoracle plsql...

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Please help with code to this question(Oracle pl/sql)
2. (3 points for code and screenshots of testing your code) Write a function f concatenate strings that will do the same as concatenate strings procedure from #1, but can be called from a select statement. Examples of output Will retum SELECT f_concatenate strings(Crypto,Currency)FROM DUAL: Saript Output x ォ0日し실 Task completedin 0.007seconds FUNCTION F CONCATENATE STRINGS coupiled F COMCATENATE STRINGS(CRYPTOCURRENCY Cryptocurrency Date: 06-JAN-18 user: speltsve SELECT ProductName, 999. 99)) from ProduCtTable wHERE ProduCLID-302; First, the table PrgductTable, then product with ID 302 will be located. Product name of that product will be concatenated with the price and current date. Will retunn ELECT concatenate strings (Productisne, to char (List?rice, 999.99) from ProductTa Script Output x Query...x し鞡 sa Al Rows Fetded: In 0.012 seconds F_c0NCATENATE-STRINGSPRODucTNUE,T0ow4ISTPRICE,$999.gg)) Ittind-Up later Swane 妥2.00 Date: 06-JAS-18 user: speitsve Provide code and screenshot showing successful execution and results. You have to provide at least two test cases 32
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