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Please hurry up and help
QUESTION7 Match the following: control center of the cell containing the chromatin sites of protein synthesis within the cell series of membranes used to produce lipids, regulate calcium A cytoskeleton levels, and metabolize and detoxify drugs and carbohydrates B. smooth endoplasmic reticulum receives products, alters and processes the products, and then - packages the products for export or use within the cell C. proteasomes contains powerful enzymes activated at an acidic pH to breakdown D.golgi apparatus and digest debris in the cell or taken in by the cell E. nucleus carry out proteolysis of proteins that are no longer needed orE mitochondria misformed G. lysosomes H. ribosomes efficient, self-replicating organelles of cellular respiration to produce the majority of energy used by the cell consists of microtubules, microfilaments, and intermediate filaments used to maintain the structure, shape, and organization of the cell -
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