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  3. please i have only 10 mins answer with numbers like...

Question: please i have only 10 mins answer with numbers like...

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please I have only 10 mins answer with numbers like 1- A or B

Question 1 (1 point) What are the two sublayers within the Data Link layer, as defined by the IEEE? LLC and MAC PDU and Frame Error Detection and Error Correction Roll Call and Hub Question 2 (1 point) What is found in the preamble field of an Ethernet frame? There is no specific string of numbers found in the preamble. The field contents will be specific to the data being sent. All 1s O The field is left empty 10101010 (alternating 1s and Os) All Os Question 3 (1 point) Which of the following is a piece of network hardware typically associated with the Data Link layer? Multiport Repeater (hub) Router Server Switch Modem Question 4 (1 point) Which listed network type uses a contention based network access method? Token Ring ARCnet Mainframe with Terminals EthernetQuestion 5 (1 point) What is the IEEE designation for standard Ethernet on a wired network? 802.15 802.11 802.3 802.2 Question 6 (1 point) What devices would typically be connected to a SAN? Servers only All hosts, both desktop and servers, are typically connected to a SAN Disk Drives (or NAS) only Nothing is connected to a SAN. Its a stand-alone device Servers and Disk Drives (or NAS) Question 7 (1 point) What is the most common physical topology used in modern LANs? Ring Bus Star BN Question 8 (1 point) Which field of an Ethernet frame is used for error detection? Type O FCS Preamble Ethernet doesnt provide error detection Type (or 802.2 header)

Question 9 (1 point) What media access control technique is used by the wired version of Ethernet? Token Passing CSMA/CA CSMA/CD Question 10 (1 point) Which of the following is an example of a MAC address? 00-15-C5-57-1D-1A 3ffe: 1900:4545:3:200:f8ff:fe21:67cf

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