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  3. please i need answer to questions 234 and 5 thank...

Question: please i need answer to questions 234 and 5 thank...

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9:07 1 LTEO Exercises 1.1-1.5ITSC 2175 Name 1. Which of the following are propositions? If you are working on a printed copy, circle the letter corresponding to each proposition. a. Have a nice day. b. The soup is cold. c. The patient has diabetes. d. The light is on. e. Its a beautiful day. f. Do you like my new shoes? g. Bummer! 2. Define the following propositions: b: The weather is bad c: The trip is cancelled d: The trip is delayed. (We used the propositional variables b, c, and d above to make them mnemonic.) Translate the following English sentence into logical expressions using the definitions above a. The weather is good b. The weather is bad, but the trip is not canceled. c. The weather is bad and the trip is canceled or d. The trip was neither cancelled nor delayed. e. The weather was good and the trip was not 3. Define the following propositions: s: He saved his money a: He can afford the new car Translate the following English sentences into logical expressions using the definitions above: a. There is no way he can afford the new car. b. He saved his money but he still cannot afford the new car 4. The propositional variables, p, g, and s have the following truth assignments: P = T, q = T, s = F Calculate t ing compound
Please I need answer to questions (2,3,4 and 5)
Thank you
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