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Question: please i need unique answer dont copy and paste please...

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*Please, i need Unique answer (don't copy and paste). *Please, don't use handwriting.


Book: Discrete mathematics

* Help me, Answer all Questions, and I need more details and more Explain


Q1: Construct a truth table for the proposition  (pq)∨∼p (q r), then show that it is a contingency.

Q2: Find the output of following combinatorial circuits


Q3: Let P(x, y) be the statement “the parent donate to charitable school,” where the domain for x consists of parents and y for charitable schools in the city. Express each of these quantifications in English.

  1. x∀y P(x, y)
  2. x∃y P(x, y)
  3. xy P(x, y

Q4: Let Q(y) is the statement “ y2+y<20” and the universe of discourse consists of the positive integers not exceeding 7. Find the truth value of ∃y Q(y) and ∀ y Q(y).

Q5: Express the following statement using predicates and quantifiers.

“There is a worker, who had worked more than 15 hours per day in year 2018 and not received 185$ per day.”

Q6: Find the sum-of-products expansion of the Boolean
function F (x, y,z) = yTwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==.

Thank You..

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