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Question: please include the matlab code...

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Problem 3: A blimp is taking off from the ground (origin) in such a way that the vertical velocity is constant Vy-2 m/s. Due to air currents the blimp has a horizontal velocity such that: Vx-2y. where y is the vertical height of the blimp from the ground. (a) Find the horizontal position x as a function of the vertical position y.(That is find the equation of the path x(y)). Plot the path (use a graph sheet or MATLAB to do this to scale). (b) Find the x and y components of the acceleration as function of y. Find the magnitude of acceleration from these components. Draw the acceleration vector (ã) at y -1m in the path drawn for part (a) above. (c) Find the component of acceleration along the velocity, as function of y

please include the matlab code

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