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QUESTION 3 Male fireflies of the species Photinus ignitus attract females with pulses of light. Flashes of longer duration seem to attract the most females During mating, the male transfers a spermatophore to the female. Besides containing sperm, the spermatophore is rich in protein that is distributed by the female to her fertilized eggs. The data below are measurements of spermatophore mass (in mg) of 35 males (Cratsley and Lewis 2003). 0 047. O 037, О 041, О 045, 0.039, О 064, O 064, Ο.065, 0.079, 0.070, о 066, o 059, о 075, o 079, o ooo, o oes, o oes, oo78, О 066, Ο O66, О.055. 0.046. 0.056,0067, 0.075. 0048.0077, 0 081, о 066. 0.172, o 080,0078, 0048. 0096, 0.097 a. If you were to create a histogram depicting the frequency distribution of the 35 mass measurements by grouping the data. What bar graph would be most appropriate? b. How many bar graphs would be needed to show the full data set in a table (include empty cells up to the highest cell category)? c. Draw the histogram on graph paper and submit in class. (two points) d. Describe the shape e. What term of the frequency distribution would be used to describe the largest measurement in the frequency distribution? Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Ciek Save All A nswers to save all answers
Please just do part C
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