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Question: please just give me the answers to the questions thank...

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please just give me the answers to the questions thank you.

QUESTION 19 O b emphasize verbal expression QUESTION 20 QUESTION 21 O a A model for studying people in various cultural envir

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QUESTION 24 o d Discourage their children from freey expressing their feelings QUESTION 25 a Lenient parenting O b. Parents a

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QUESTION 32 Based on studies of infants and children in orphanages, Rene Spitz concluded which of the following? O a Infants

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isp? QUESTION 36 O a Dont cry and turn their head away from their parent oc. Either a or b QUESTION 37 Which of the follawin

QUESTION 38 Adoptions of aider children are more likely to have their placements disrupted due to: O a Unexpected financial n


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