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Please just part B, the pendulum
In the figures at the right are shown two systems: a cart moving back and forth on a spring and a swinging pendulum. The graph below can be used to show the back and forth displacement of both systems as a function of time as long as the pendulum is kept at a small angle. Three instants of time are marked on the graph: A, B, and C. Ix(m) of the auantities belniw for or B. Specify the directions of the quantities below for the pendulum by choosing one of the following symbols: L (Left), R (Right), U (Up), D (Down), 0 (Zero), or S (Some other direction). pendulum(at A): ct a pendulum (at B): Eselect pendulum Fnet, pendulum (at B): Eseec C. If you knew m, could you calculate the length of the pendulum, L? If yes, explain how. If no, explain why not.
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