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Question: please make a program to solve design problem you can...

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Please make a program to solve design problem. You can use a programming language you are comfortable with (python, C++, Java etc.)make a computer program to calculate the nominal diameter.

-1 For the system illustrated in example 1-1, specify the nominal size of clean commercial pipes required for a flow rate of 0.2 ft3/sec if the following are given

Da=Db=Dc,La=200ft,Lb=20ft,Lc=80ft, and H=75ft, Ks it is the sum of all Ks so you need to find out what are the different Ks

EXAMPLE 1-1 Apply the energy equation to the situation sketched in Fig. 1-10. Solution. The energy equation will be applied from the free surface at position I of the upper reservoir to the free surface at position 2 of the lower reservoir. The results, with each loss term identified, are Vi r2 L, V γ2 (entrance (pipe (elbow) friction)

Piping Systems Chap. 1 Water L. De Fittings inventory (Example 1-1 2 reducing elbows 1 angle valve FIGURE 1-10 System sketch for Example 1-1 (pipe (elbow (pipe ((exit) friction) friction) From Fig 1-10, we obtain and from the continuity equation for incompressible steady flow, we find that which, for circular pipes, becomes Substitution of the preceding into the energy equation yields after applying some algebra. L.L. D Until additional information is specified, we cannot proceed any further than this.

Solution: This is category III problem, since the system is specified except for the pipe size required for a given flow rate. Using the values specified, equation of the Example 1-1 becomes for this system

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