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2. Thrift Bank is in the process of devising a loan policy that involves a maximum of $12 million. The following table provides the pertinent data about available types of loans 8 Type of Loan Personal Car Home Farm Commercial Return Rate 2.600% 5.090% 8.640% 6.875% 7.800% Bad-Debt Ratio 10% 396 5% 2% Competition with other financial institutions requires that the bank allocates at least 40% of the 6 funds to farm and commercial loans. To assist the housing industry in the region, home loans must equal at least 50% of the personal, car, and home loans. The bank also has a stated policy of not allowing the overall ratio of bad debts on all loans to exceed 4%. The bank seeks to determine the amount of loan in each category to maximize its net return. Formulate the linear program for this problem. Solve this linear programming using Excels Solver. a) b)
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