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Question: please match word to definition to the rightthank you...

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e tnter text to search No results> Options ti on Completion Status: QUESTION 2 atch the word on the left with the definition on the right. basapophysis The perforated portian of the sphenald bone throgh which groups of olfactory neurons calcaneus pass U. The skul especialy the part encasing the brsin. C. A collective name sometimes used for three groups of sarcopterygins coelacaths Capitulum rhipidistains, and tetrapods D. Cartilages that encase the brain and major sense organs in embryose and the adults of ceratotrichia some vertebraces, also cailed the neurocranium E. The hormy rin rays of Chondrichthyes. F. A thin, bony scale having comblike processes on its posterior margir G. A small artkulating knob on the end of a bone, such as a rib H. Pertaining to a vertebrate specialized for runnine 1. Ring-shaped cartlage of the mammsian Larynx J. A tansverse pracess low on a vertebral body to which a subperitoneal rib of s fish attaches clavicle cethrurm cosmine cranium cribriform plate crkoid cartiage serisily hamologous to a hema arch K A type of dentine found in certain bony scales in which there are dentine tubules grouped into radiating tufts. t. The large praximal tarsal bone that forms the heel bane of mammais M. A dermal bone of the pectoral girdle extending medialily from the scapula to the interciavicle N. The paired appendage of a terrestrial vertebrace O. A bar-shaped dermal element of the pectoral girdle of some fishes and early tetrapods: located dorsal to the clavic le , ctenaid scale Cursarial k Save and Submir to sove ond submit. Ciok Save Al Answers to sque all anmnoere Type here to search

please match word to definition to the right..thank you

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