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  3. please need help with this problem here are the notes...

Question: please need help with this problem here are the notes...

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Question 9 (15 points): Your 600 sq ft apartment contains 165 mA3 of air. The air has a density of 1.06 kg/mA3 and a specific heat of 1009 J/(kg C). If all of the heat released from the bathtub was transferred to the air, what would the aiř temperature be (the initial air temperature was 20 C)? Work below. (hint1: set up your equation first, keeping in mid the 1st law. hint2: Your answer will be a very high temperature. In reality, this would not happen because a lot of the heat released would go elsewhere. Where would it go?) Question 10 (15 points): If it took an hour for the water to cool to 20 C, what would be the average power or rate of change of heat transfer (in Watts) released by the tub during that time? Please need help with this problem

Here are the notes he gave us. I think I use this formula

2019/Class3/class3.html an do this using the following equation: cooling (J): ich the object is composed: and
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