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  3. please provide a clear neat and detailed answer thank you...

Question: please provide a clear neat and detailed answer thank you...

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E TEC20BME 0115.pdf E TEC20aME 0111.pdf X iile:/y/C UsersiUser/Desk STEC20BAE 0114 pdl klop/MECHATRONICS/AI A single transistor amplifier circuit is shown in Fig. 2. The circuit is operating at room temperature with V 0.7V and V. 26mV. Assume the output resistance of the transistor, r s much bigger than R cc 20V 1.0 M2 RB 10k2 out Vin c B 75 Fig. 2 (a) State the amplifier configuration of this circuit. 12 marks] (b) Calculate the base current la and collector current lc. 4 marks (c) Calculate the voltage across the collector and the emitter (VCE) 2 marks (d) Draw he equivalent simplified, low-frequency small signal model for this amplifier. Label your diagram clearly. 4 marks (e) Find the small signai voltage gain of this amplifier. 4 marks (f The bandwidth of this amplifier configuration tends to be low due to high capacitance resulting from tho Miller effect. Give two (2) suggestions to mitigate this problem. 4 marks 2:26 PM 303/20

please provide a clear, neat and detailed answer. thank you in advance

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