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4. a) Given that the density of petrol is 730 kg (m and its heat value is5 45 MJ kg. When filling the fuel tank of a car, it takes 150 seconds to put 45 litres into the tank. Calculate the effective energy flow rate. b) A 530 MVA turbo-generator is star-connected, with 2 poles and a synchronous 6 reactance of 2 2. It is supplying 500 MW to an infinite bus at 22 kV, 50 Hz and 0.95 pf lagging. Calculate the excitation voltage Vo and the angle o. c) The wind farm at North Hoyle off the Welsh coast has 30 turbines each of 4 which has a maximum output of 2 MW. For a wind speed of 10 m s the electrical output is 1.5 MW. If the overall efficiency of the energy conversion process for the 30 turbines is required to be no less than 40%, find the minimum area swept by the blades of each turbine (the density of air is 1.25 kg -3

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