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Question: please provide proc sql code for this problem...

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Please provide Proc sql code for this problem.

Enhancing Output with Multiple Techniques Create a report that displays Employee_ID, Salary, Age when hired, Location (as a combination of City and Country), and number of years with Orion from the Employees table. f. List only those employees who were 18 or younger at the time of hire g. Display the Salary columns using the COMMA10.2 format. h. Add labels to match the output below. number of years with Add this title to the report: Orion Employees Hired at 18 or Younger. j. rtial CSsQL Output Years with Company Employee ID Salary Age when Hired Location 121001 43,615.00 121071 28,625.00 12075936,230.00 120755 36,440.00 18 Miami-Dade, US 17 Miami-Dade, US 18 San Diego, US 18 San Diego, US 37 37 32 31

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