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Please provide the answers clearly

9. Suppose that you want to follow your best friends band around their tour of midwestern cities during your spring break. However, the shows are outside, so if the weather isnt good enough then the band wont play. Based on the weather forecast, the probability that the band will play in Omaha & St. Louis is 0.45 Omaha is 0.70 Omaha && Chicago is 0.42 St. Louis is 0.64 Omaha & Minneapolis is 0.41 Omaha & St. Louis & Minneapolis is 0.26 Chicago is 0.58 St. Louis&Chicago is 0.35 Omaha & Chicago & Minneapolis is 0.21 Minneapolis is 0.5 St. Louis & Minneapolis is 0.39 St. Louis & Chicago & Minneapolis is 0.20 Omaha &St. Louis& Chicago is 0.23 Chicago && Minneapolis is 0.32 and all four is 0.12 (a) What is the probability that the band will play in at least one of these four cities? Round your answer to 3 decimal places. (HINT: Extend the inclusion-exclusion rule) (b) Use Definition 6 to determine if the events that the band plays in each of the cities are independent. Round all probabilities to 3 decimal places 10. Suppose that a cancer patient decides to undergo a transplant operation in the hopes that it will increase the probability of survival. Round all answers to 4 decimal places (a) The probability of surviving this transplant operation is 0.55. If a patient survives the operation, the probability that his or her body will reject the transplant within a month is 0.20. What is the probability of being successful in both of these critical stages? (b) State which theorems and/or definitions apply to the problem in part (a) (c) If the patient is successful with both stages of the transplant, then the probability that the patient will remain in remission (the cancer does not reoccur) for the next two years is 0.48. What is the probability of being successful in all three of these stages?

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